What you need to know about traditional lime plastering

You should not take plastering jobs of any size lightly. Unless you have the right tools, training and experience, you won’t be able to achieve the best finish. This is why we are here. The various services we offer have made us the plasterers Sheffield and surrounding areas trust.

When it comes to old buildings, there are certain features that give them their charm. This includes original plasterwork, which is typically lime. You will often find it in homes built before 1950 as this is when plaster and gypsum began to gain popularity.

What Is Lime Plaster?

plastering SheffieldThis is a property feature with character that gives a much softer finish than modern plaster work. The flexibility allows for better movement and contributes to the longevity.

It is also more porous and therefore breathable. This is essential with the make-up of older buildings to help prevent damp and condensation. The buildings materials like old walls need moisture to evaporate through them so they do not get damaged. The breathable plaster assists with this.

The Right Plasterers Sheffield Trusts

Lime plastering is a little different to other jobs and requires a little more consideration. If you need any work doing, our team can do this for you. With specialist knowledge we can help you to hold onto the desirable finish of this plaster.

Plaster does last a long time but depending on various factors, it can deteriorate. It may be something such as cracking or flaking. Even small amounts of decay like this can give a very negative look. There is no need to worry though as it is easy for us to fix.

Utilise our 30+ years of experience and reach out to G Lee Plastering today. We complete every job to the highest standards regardless of the level of work needed. Once we have finished, you will be left with a clean space with amazing plasterwork. For the plasterers Sheffield depends on, call us at 01246 721108.