These plastering techniques provide a better finish

Plastering is a job that takes time to master. That is why most people start off as apprentices and build up their skills and experience. If you want the best results, you should hire a professional who knows what techniques to use to provide a better finish. G Lee Plastering is a great choice if you ever need plasterers in Sheffield.

If you are considering plastering, these are some of the techniques experts rely on. Have a read over to get an idea of what you should be doing if you attempt a job.

Work down

Plasterers SheffieldThe goal with plastering is to get a flat, smooth, even finish. So, the best thing to do is to start in a top corner and work down. If you’re right handed, start at the top left. If you’re a lefty, begin from the opposite corner. Work across the top half of the wall and then move on to the bottom half.

This technique ensures you get a definite structure and allows the plaster to flow down. You will get a much flatter finish because you are not moving all over the place.

Long sweeps

People new to plastering won’t be confident in having a big amount of plaster on the trowel at any one time. Instead, they usually do smaller amounts. Sadly, this can give you more work to do to cover the wall and also makes it harder to get a consistent thickness.

A better strategy here is to try and do the longest sweeps you can. It is hard to do and takes time to learn. But, it will provide a much flatter finish. If you want plasterers in Sheffield, rely on us.


One of the most important things plasterers learn is how to time it. You have a limited window to do the work once you mix plaster. However, if you rush coats won’t have enough time to dry and you can have problems.

The best thing you can do is look at the manufacturer’s recommendations. Stick to these timings as closely as you can. Generally you can do the first coat and wait 20 minutes before doing the second. Then after 40/60 minutes you can move to closing in to get a smooth finish. You can then do the first trowel after 85 minutes, a second trowel 15 minutes later, and the final one after 120 minutes.

Cross trowel

How you finish the plastering can have a big impact on how flat and smooth it is. A great technique is to trowel horizontally instead of vertically. What this does is make a flatter wall and cover any potential hollows.

Be realistic

Finally, you should always be realistic about what you can do. Someone new to plastering should not immediately jump into trying to plaster a massive wall. It is unlikely to turn out well, especially when you factor in how stressful it can be actually working with plaster. Starting small is always better.

Get help from the best plasterers in Sheffield

G Lee Plastering knows how to get the best results for all kinds of needs. We can handle plastering large walls as well as smaller surfaces. We can work around any kind of architectural features too. We’ll ensure we provide smooth, flat, even surfaces that are perfect for decorating.

So, if you want a quote from reliable plasterers in Sheffield, ask us. Our prices are fair and we have the experience to work carefully.