Some ways to get smooth walls without plastering

One of the major issues with painting your walls is it can reveal any imperfections. Things like holes and cracks can be obvious after a fresh coat. However, you may not want or have the budget to invest in professional plastering services. Luckily, we can advise you on ways you can get smooth walls without them. If you do decide to get a service though, choose us and work with the most reliable plasterers in Sheffield.

Plasterers SheffieldJoint compound

The first alternative is to use joint compound rather than skimming the surface with plaster. The compounds are for filling joints between plasterboard or any gaps and holes. However, you could use it to give an entire wall a smooth coat. You apply it with a trowel or putty knife. It produces far less mess, and you can do multiple coats until you get the smooth finish you want.


Sometimes all walls needs to get them nice and smooth again is some sandpaper and elbow grease. It can be a viable option for old surfaces. Just make sure you choose a suitable grit; sandpapers can go from coarse to fine. You need a coarser one to remove old finishes. Then you want a finer one for smoothing the wall. Be prepared for the dust you will produce too, and make sure there isn’t any on the surface before you paint.

Lining paper

The goal with plastering is typically to give you a smooth surface to paint on. Another way to achieve this is to hang lining paper. You do it just like you would when you are hanging wallpaper. However, you can then paint directly over it. Lining paper is a good way to cover cracks and imperfections. Just make sure you choose a suitable thickness and grade. Be careful with joints between pieces too; you don’t want them to be obvious after you paint.

Wall panelling

An alternative to lining paper is to install wall panels. The idea is the same here; you will literally cover over the old surface to hide imperfections. The panelling comes in a massive variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Beadboard is very popular. Some of them you can also paint after installation.


If the walls are generally in good condition and don’t have big issues like deep cracks and big holes, you may get a smooth finish with the right paint. A silk finish emulsion can work very well.

Get help from plasterers in Sheffield

The methods above could all work to get you a smooth wall. However, when it really matters it is best to work with professional plasterers. A fresh skim coat will look the best in terms of smoothness and consistency. You then have the perfect base for painting.

So, if you want to work with the best plasterers in Sheffield, speak to us. Our services are great value for money and we can handle any requirements, including different rooms and even external plastering.