Plastering in older homes

Plasterers SheffieldG Lee Plastering is a company that strives to offer everyone professional services. Ours are some of the most skilful plasterers Sheffield has to give. They are capable of working on all sorts of exterior and interior surfaces. Additionally, they make use of the greatest equipment and techniques available. As a result you can expect high quality craftsmanship.

You could be the owner of a period property that is preparing for a future renovation. It might be just one room or the entire house. Whatever, the case, chances are you will have lots of questions to ask. Thankfully, we are here to share our knowledge of plastering.

The beauty of original plaster

Original materials are an important part of the quality of a building. As opposed to contemporary gypsum and cement plasters, classic clay and lime formulas are soft. They also have a characterful aesthetic and are breathable. Not to mention, they are rather flexible too. As for the modern products, they are non-breathable, inflexible, and hard. This means you have to be careful when replacing old materials with new ones.

Breathability is important

In period houses, the breathability of ceiling and wall finishes is a vital concern. Daub, stone and ancient wattle, and old brick walls all struggle with moisture. As a result it must have the ability to evaporate through them. This aids with halting condensation and damp. The majority of issues with old plaster work are ones you can rectify. However, people use the incorrect modern materials and techniques for the repairs far too frequently. Such action can lead to moisture becoming sealed within, causing decay and damage.

When to replaster

Something else you should know is when to replaster ceilings and walls. It is true that plaster is meant to last. Yet, deterioration can happen. It can also take on a number of forms. These include staining, cracking, flaking or crumbling, and loose plaster. When justified, any replacement should typically include the same number of coats and materials. On flexible backgrounds, having adequate reinforcements is critical.

Lime plaster

lime plasteringIf you wish to plaster your old home using lime, then you will certainly need a seasoned lime plasterer. We fit this bill perfectly, yet another reason why we are the top plasterers Sheffield has.

What the plasterer must do here is introduce two or three coats. This will depend on how flat the work has to be. The highest quality finish will require three coats but two is usually sufficient. The mixture for the initial coat needs to be one part lime putty to three parts sharp, high grade sand. Be sure to blend it with enough animal hair as well.

To obtain a smoother finish, it is preferable to use a setting coat that is one part lime and two of fine sand. If you are using haired plaster, make certain you don’t leave bags of it lying around for over four weeks either. The hair will begin rotting thanks to the lime’s alkalinity.

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At G Lee Plastering, we provide a full guarantee on the work we do. This is something we do because we are confident in our abilities. The services we have on offer include traditional lime plastering and pebble dashing. There is rendering and tyroleaning as well.

If you want help from the finest plasterers Sheffield has, contact us today. We can give you a quote and arrange the perfect schedule for you.