One plastering tool you cannot do without is scrim tape

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There are many useful items in a plasterer’s arsenal. Scrim tape is one of the most important. You may not have heard of it before and that is fine. What we will be doing in this post is discussing what it is and its purpose.

Getting the best finish

plasterers SheffieldTheoretically, we can do a plastering project without scrim tape. However, doing things this way can affect the durability and quality of the finish. Cracks have a habit of eventually showing up in plaster that was installed without the tape. It can be an expensive and time-consuming thing to rectify.

So, what is scrim tape exactly? It is a self-adhesive tape that has an open-weave, firm fabric. Out of all the plastering supplies in existence, it is one of the most commonly utilised. Its purpose is to basically reinforce plasterboard joints. The tape guarantees a connection that is secure and seamless. Contact our team if you need the finest plasterers Sheffield has to offer.

Bridging the gap

Scrim tape bridges the gap between two plasterboard sheets or more. It stops weaknesses and cracks from happening after you plaster over the gaps. Even the most skilful plaster can’t completely eradicate these gaps by merely pushing the plasterboard together. It will also be difficult to find one piece of plasterboard that is large enough to cover a whole internal wall. So, you need the tape to prevent issues.

The tape’s open weave design can circumvent the issue. It does so by sticking to the plasterboard only. The tape secures the individual sections in place while you apply the last skimming plaster layer on top. When you finish, you can rest easy knowing your hard work will be preserved.

When to use the tape

You must apply it after installing the first plasterboard layer but prior to the last skim coating. You should begin by smoothing this tape over the joints. It will make sure it covers each side as equally as it can. If the tape goes on at a skewed angle, the effectiveness could diminish. Additionally, it is necessary to tape the internal corners to prevent cracking.

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