Lime has various uses and forms

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Lime mortars, rendering, and plastering are very common in old buildings. They are perfect for restoration and conservation efforts. What they do is supply an environmentally sustainable and alluring substitute to concrete based plaster. This fact also makes them a good option for modern builds when people want to be greener.

Lime’s purposes in the building trade

Plasterers SheffieldLime actually has a variety of uses in the building trade. As we said above you can use it as a plaster, mortar, and render. In addition, you can use it as washes and slurry.

These numerous materials all originate from limestone. Manufacturers begin by burning it at incredibly high temperatures. This is to merge it with clay and create a quicklime, inert material, and cementitious material mixture. Afterwards, you must do some slaking with water to produce calcium hydroxide.

Two primary forms of lime mortar exist. Both are employed in lime plastering too. We have a lot of experience with this form of plaster work. So, contact us if you need the finest plasterers Sheffield has.

Non-hydraulic lime

Firstly, there is non-hydraulic lime. Also called lime putty, this is the purest form. It is a wonderful substance that you can use to brilliant effect with bricks or stones. We are talking about the kinds that have been weathered and weakened. It is the perfect consistency to use for pointing and plastering, as well as brick repairs.

It is common to find people using this while restoring old buildings. The storage of this material is especially important too. What you must do is leave it to mature for 30 days at least. You will need to store it with aggregates blended or in a wet condition.

Hydraulic lime

Next, we are moving onto hydraulic lime. This is not as pure as the non-hydraulic variety. However, it has the marvellous ability of users being able to set it underwater. This attribute comes from the impurities of the clay and silica in the limestone it is burned from.

These limes have a multitude of uses. In addition to plastering, you can use them on pavings, copings, and chimneys. It can easily accommodate movement and retain its water vapour permeability. To top it off, the material is salt and frost resistant too. As well as use on older buildings, you can also use it on newer builds.

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