Is wet plaster or dry lining better?

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Picking materials for interior wall finishes

When you need to obtain a professional finish for the interior walls, you have to pick certain materials. These are ones that supply the performance and look you need at an affordable price. You will have to choose between dry lining and wet plaster. Several factors are going to influence your decision here. Examples include work location, application convenience, soundproofing, and cost. In this post, we will be diving deeper into some of the most important factors to help you make your decisions.

Some important facts

Plasterers SheffieldDry lining does of course take less time. Putting a piece of plasterboard in position is much faster and eradicates the danger of cracks. There is also no risk of the surface difficulties that may happen when operating with wet plaster.

However, wet plaster does have multiple benefits. The cost is around the same regardless of whether you utilise gypsum trowelled in cement or blockwork. It is extremely useful in tight areas, but does demand some skill. Moreover, you have the option of using classic materials such as clay or lime. This will cost more but can work well if you are after a natural-looking finish. Speak to us if you require the finest plasterers Sheffield has.

If you go with plasterboard, you could either apply a plaster skim coat over the entire surface, or tape over joints. With the dry lining, you can glue it to the wall or fasten it into timber frames. Fixings such as shelving and heaters aren’t always the easiest to install here though. They are much easier to install on a plastered wall.

What to choose?

So, while the costs aren’t too dissimilar between dry lining and wet plaster, the time difference for the former is substantially better. Consequently, the labour costs are also superior. Waiting for your freshly plastered wall to dry could take several days depending on what time of the year you work in. For those in a rush, looking to save money with labour costs, and aren’t overly concerned with wall fixtures, dry lining may be worth exploring.

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