Can you plaster over tiles? Should you?

Tiles can be one of the most impressive ways to decorate walls in kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces. However, like everything they won’t last forever. In time you may need to look at redecorating. This presents the consideration of what to do with them and leads to two questions; can you plaster over tiles and should you? We want to give you some answers here, then if you need plasterers in Sheffield, you can rely on us.

Can you?

Plasterers SheffieldThe easy answer here is yes you can plaster over tiles. One thing people criticise tiling for is it can be messy and time consuming if you need to remove it in the future. While that is true, it is not always necessary. Instead you may be able to skip it and go over the top. However, there is an important caveat here; it is crucial to prepare. It can be the difference between success and failure.

What you need to keep in mind is surfaces have to be suitable so that plaster can adhere to them. This is the same whether you are dealing with plasterboard, tiles, or anything else.

There are a couple of vital things when you are dealing with tiles. Firstly, you need to check the surface. If they are glossy and smooth, you will need to sand them because plaster won’t adhere very well. If they are rough, it is one less job to do.

Secondly, you have to check the condition and grout for imperfections. Any flaws could stop plaster from adhering. So, you need to fix them before you can add fresh plaster.

Finally, you need to ensure the tiles and grout are clean. You don’t want things like mould and soap scum or grease because it can cause issues. As the best plasterers in Sheffield, we know this is crucial with all walls.

When you are happy with all of that, the final step of prep is to apply a bonding agent. What it does is help the new plaster to stick. The application is easy, as simple as applying a thin even coat of paint.

Then all you need to do is plaster. It is a good idea to do thin layers. Start with a coat of bonding plaster. You can then finish with two coats of multi-finish plaster. It should give you nice fresh walls.

Should you?

As for the second question, most experts will likely advise you not to do it. While you can, it is tricky to get a good finish. There is plenty of potential that it will go wrong too, especially a DIY job. It can also actually be more labour intensive than just removing old tiles.

If you are unhappy with your tiles, there are some options that may be better than plastering over them. An effective one would be to choose wall panels. You can install them over the top and they are equally easy to remove in the future. There are also tile stickers if you want a cheaper solution. Painting is also an option.

Choose the top plasterers in Sheffield

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