Advice for working with new plaster

If you’re looking for the best plasterers Chesterfield has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. Our team members have worked on countless external and internal surfaces. The standards we set are always high because we want everything to look great once we’re finished.

When working with new plaster, the first thing you must do is seal it. This will reduce the absorbency. It’ll also assist the topcoat in adhering better. One of the most common sealing methods is using watered-down emulsion. Another word for this is mist coat. The plaster has the ability to suck the water up and become less permeable. After you introduce the emulsion you can see where you have to fill more easily. This would be more difficult with bare plaster.

Wipe away the drips

However, you need to be careful when using watered-down emulsion. It’s a messy product to work with. The reason why is that it drips far more than regular emulsion does. Take care to wipe each drip straight away. This shall help you prevent a terrible finish.

White topcoat

Since the plaster is so absorbent, the paint dries rapidly. If yours is a white topcoat, a great idea would be to use watered-down white emulsion for your mist coat. Otherwise, you can end up doing several coats.

There’s one other issue related to white topcoat on new plaster. You could get patches of plaster that could take multiple coats to cover. If you wish to save paint and time, use a basecoat emulsion or stain block on the patches.

At G Lee Plastering, we understand that there are people who worry about pricing. We work to put our clients’ fears to rest. As we said earlier, our standards are high. Despite this, we never overcharge for our services. This makes them a wonderful investment and is why we are the top plasterers Chesterfield has.

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